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Home-Made Gluten Free Quesadilla’s with Home-Made GF Tortillas

Who said you can’t have quesadilla’s for dinner?  Not Gluten Free Mama.  With Mama’s delicious and easy recipe for homemade soft tortilla’s, and the Gluten Free Daddy’s (Mama’s new husband) delicious chicken filling, these quesadilla’s were to die for delicious.  The kids even loved them and came back for seconds.  This is now a new family favorite.

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Mama's Easy GF Home-Made Taco Chip Garnish

These will delight any family member or guest. Top them on soup for a fun and festive topping or add them to a bowl at a fiesta theme party for dips. Enjoy them with taco dips as a garnish for soups, salads and more. Guaranteed smiles every time!  At Valentines day, Mama uses a heart shape, at Christmas a mini-tree, just all year round a fun hot pepper works great!  Cater it to your event and time of year. 

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Gluten Free Mama’s Easy Gluten Free Cornbread

Just wait till you sink your teeth into this deliciously light, moist, and flavorful gluten free cornbread.  You will be surprised how easy it is to whip up and how quick it will be devoured by your family and friends. In fact, animals love it too!  When I was enjoying a piece hot out of the oven, my St. Bernard stared at me and drooled until I was forced to give in to her sweet little face and gave her my last bite.  She was so happy.  I think she was spoiled.

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Quick and Easy Gluten Free Taco Dinner

It seems these days we all live very busy lives. Whether we are working all day and come home and need a quick dinner, or maybe we have been taxiing kids around to all their sporting events and need something quick before the next game. Whatever the reason, it seems my biggest request is for quick and easy meals.

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