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Home-Made Gluten Free Quesadilla’s with Home-Made GF Tortillas

Who said you can’t have quesadilla’s for dinner?  Not Gluten Free Mama.  With Mama’s delicious and easy recipe for homemade soft tortilla’s, and the Gluten Free Daddy’s (Mama’s new husband) delicious chicken filling, these quesadilla’s were to die for delicious.  The kids even loved them and came back for seconds.  This is now a new family favorite.

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Gluten Free Mama’s Parmesan Crusted Fried Chicken – Gluten Free

Fried Chicken, Baked Chicken, a taste of home, a taste of comfort, a taste of tradition.  Mama’s puts a twist on the fried chicken, makes it healthier by baking it, and crusts it with Parmesan Cheese for a fun flavor and a taste of Italy.  Serve it with veggies, serve it with spaghetti or just have a marinara dipping sauce on the side.  Mama’s kids love this version of Mama’s fried chicken and ask for it all the time. If there is the blessing of leftovers it makes for a great fried chicken sandwich the next day.  Sometimes, I make double so we can do sandwiches for lunch.  Hope you enjoy it as much as our family does! Ingredients 5...

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Gluten Free Oven Fried Chicken Parmesan

Here is my family’s recipe for Oven Fried Chicken Parmesan.  It is a favorite to make at my house, or should I say ‘Eat’ at my house.  It is super easy to make.  The key is not flipping it during baking like you would with traditional friend chicken.  With gluten free the coating will come right off, and we don’t want to lose one crumb of that crisp fried coating. 

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