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Gluten Free Mama’s Green Bean Casserole GF French Fried Onions

Gluten Free Green Bean Casserole, GF French Fried Onions and GF Semi-Condensed Cream Soup And a video tutorial on how to make this traditiona Thanksgiving dish! Green Bean Casserole is a traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday favorite.  Due to the fact that it is full of gluten, gluten free folks have not been able to enjoy this holiday favorite.  Not anymore, Gluten Free Mama not only made a gluten free version of this delicious casserole, she put her own holiday twist on it.  Check out the recipe below and be sure to check out the You Tube Cooking Lesson.  Mama has a video cooking lesson on You Tube making this delicious Green Bean Casserole.  Click Here to watch. Be sure to hit like...

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