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Gluten Free Mama’s Almond & Coconut Blend Flours

With so many new followers we have had lots of questions on the difference between straight almond and coconut flour and Gluten Free Mama’s Almond Blend and Coconut Flour and Gluten Free Mama’s Coconut Blend.  So with all the new followers let me explain.

Gluten Free Mama’s Almond and Coconut Blends are All-Purpose Gluten Free Flour Blends, a blend of 5 different high quality flours that are just the right quantity of each ingredient to make your baking perfect every time.  Our flours and mixes are light in texture, provides excellent texture with baking and they are GRIT free!  We use the highest quality of rice flour that allows no grit in your baking.  Nobody wants to bite into a cookie that tastes like sandpaper.  We feel our flours are the best quality and will provide the best end result.

Mama’s products are also certified gluten free through Celiac Sprue Association.  What does that mean?  Our products are tested at less than 5 ppm and we proudly hold the CSA certification label.  So they aren’t just listed as gluten free.  Also alternate companies that do gluten free certification will test to 20ppm and that still makes people sick, so that is why we love Celiac Sprue as they test to less that 5ppm.  Mama’s also ONLY processes gluten free products in our building so there is no cross contamination.  So you can feel safe with Gluten Free Mama.

Can I just use coconut flour or almond flour with your recipes?  No, you don’t want to bake with straight coconut flour or straight almond flour.  You need to blend them in with several gluten free flours.  Baking with straight coconut or almond flour will either result in a product that completely falls apart, is hard as a rock or dense or has a terrible aftertaste, especially coconut flour. Have you ever tried baking with straight coconut flour and wondered why the texture was so off or the taste was so weird?  That is because it is so strong in flavor that it causes the aftertaste and when blended with other flours you don’t get that strong flavor.  It is also a very dense flour by itself and that is why you get a heavier end product that is hard to eat.  When you bake with straight almond flour you get a product that is more crumbly, it may taste good, but just falls to pieces. To have success they really need to be blended with other flours.  There are some great recipes using just almond meal or coconut flour, but you want to follow the specific recipes that were created by recipe authors that worked hard to change the recipe to adapt to using just the straight almond flour or coconut flour.  I highly recommend you use a blend for best success and you will be happier too!

Mama’s Almond Blend has the perfect blend of White Rice, Tapioca, Potato starch, Almond Meal and Sweet Rice.  Our Coconut Blend has White Rice, Tapioca, Potato starch, Coconut Flour and Sweet Rice.  They do not make your baked goods taste like almond or coconut.  They just taste like a delicious bread, or a delicious cookie, that is very similar to regular gluten type baking.  You won’t be able to tell they are gluten free!

We do NOT add xanthan gum to our mix.  We feel that each recipe needs a different amount of xanthan gum.  For example pancakes only need about 1/4 tsp.  where breads need 1 1/2-1 3/4 tsp.  Many companies that are using xanthan gum in their mix go with the rule of thumb to use 1 tsp. per cup of flour.  That is just too much!  That will result in having to really alter recipes or result in a more dense or heavy in texture recipe.  So that is why we have kept it out of our mix.  We want you to have success with every recipe.  Each of our recipes has the amount of xanthan gum that is perfect for that specific recipe.  A package of xanthan gum goes a long way and it’s an easy step and worth the step.

Gluten Free Mama’s Flour blends work with ANY gluten free recipe and of course ALL of Gluten Free Mama’s wonderful recipes.  We often get which one should we use for this recipe?  It really is a personal preference, as both work great with every recipe.  Mama’s prefers the Almond Blend with Breads, but other than that we use them interchangably.  Every week we get emails from customers saying that they have been unhappy with their gluten free baked goods until they tried Gluten Free Mama.  Once they tried Gluten Free Mama they say they will never try another blend, they are sold.  The reason is that the texture in baking is as close to regular baking as you can get for gluten free, recipes work every time, the baked goods are light in texture and most important its grit free and tastes good!  I encourage you to give it a try!

Try our our online Recipes!  See our Cookbook too!  (which by the way has the best gluten free bread recipes)

Also, we want to note, that Gluten Free Mama has been making and selling Mama’s products since 2006, before all the big companies jumped on the gluten free bandwagon.  Gluten Free Mama and our family and employees, we eat gluten free, we bake gluten free, and we specialize in gluten free.  We also care about each of our followers.  We are here for you and want to support you in your gluten free journey.  We always welcome questions, encourage conversation and want you to know we love and support you.  We are dedicated to bringing you new recipes, tips, and resources to make your life easier.  Be sure to check our our website with all the baking resources and tutorials.  And coming soon the biggest gluten free database of recipes all in one place!

We also have baking mixes for you to enjoy as well, including Mama’s famous Pancake mix that whether you are gluten free or not you will love!  Our Pie Crust mix is the flakiest gluten free pie crust available and delicious!


Have you been using Gluten Free Mama’s Flour Blends?  We love to hear success stories!  Tell us about your experiences, your favorite products and your favorite Gluten Free Mama’s Recipes!  Comment below!

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