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This Chick Bakes Uses Mama’s Flours!

This Chick Bakes, an online bakery in New York City has been using Gluten Free Mama’s flours for some time now.  They have enjoyed the success baking with our flours and the flavor and texture they bring to their gluten free baked goods.  We are always delighted and humbled when any bakery or restaurant requests to use our products.  Even more, we get just as excited for their business as we do for our own.

This Chick Bakes only makes homemade, small batch cookies and brownies from scratch and they supply over 60 restaurants and coffee houses across New York City.  There is a complete list on their website.  You can also order online.  Jen is the baker/creator and Charley is the everything else guy and together they are quite the characters.  Get to know them by watching the video on their website.  Jen, states that everything she makes is using pure ingredients and made from scratch.  

Charley sent Gluten Free Mama a gift box with a sample of their tasty treats that are gluten free.

When the package arrived we were quick to open the box.  Inside the shipping box was another cute little box, wrapped with a bow. The packaging was so nice we didn’t want to open up the box, but of course knowing that their are tasty gluten free treats in the box, we had to dig in.  He sent us a sampler of the gluten free Brownies, Molasses Cookies, Peanut Butter Chocolate and Cranberry Orange White Chocolate.  Lexie, the gluten free baby, now kid, age 8, was elated. She couldn’t decide which one to try first.  Even the non gluten free kids were begging to have one, but they only got tastes as Lexie is the one who needs them.  Let me tell you these cookies are rich in flavor and have great texture. And it is true, the prettier the package it comes in the more fun that they are to eat, so you scored Jen and Charley!  A win, win approval from The Gluten Free Mama!

This Chick Bakes gift boxes would make an AWESOME gift for Christmas.  Keep that in mind and be sure to check out their website!


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