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Lexie the “Mini Mama” teaches kids how to make Gluten Free Swedish Pancakes

I have always referred to Lexie as the Gluten Free Baby. However, since she is turning ten years old next week she decided it was time for a name change. She wants to be called “Mini Mama” now. It seems fitting.

Lexie has been helping me bake for years, and lately has taken off on her own, reading recipes herself and baking up a storm. Lexie wants to teach kids how to bake gluten free and help them enjoy cooking. She says that kids can bake gluten free too! I agree!

Check out Lexie’s debut cooking lesson video here.


You can find Mama’s Recipe for Swedish Pancakes in “Gluten Free Mama’s Best Baking Recipe Cookbook” available at We are redoing the cookbook and the new release will be out this fall. Click Here to order this book.

Or you can use Mama’s Pancake Mix.  On the back of the package is a delicious recipe for the Swedish Pancakes.


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