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Carrot Loaf Mix

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Maybe you’ve been told that carrot cake was a way for beleaguered bakers in times of rationing to keep producing sweet treats for the masses. But that’d be grade A artisanal baloney. George Washington served carrot cake at parties. 19th century French cookbooks written for wealthy kitchens published recipes for carrot cake. In other words, carrot cake is rich eating. While the exact creator of modern, cream-cheese-shellacked American carrot cake are pretty disputed, everyone agrees that it originates in Medieval palace cooking as a steamed or boiled carrot ‘pudding,’ cooked low and slow to accentuate the carrot’s natural sugars, enriched with spices, and bound with flour and eggs. Now that you know all of this, the most important thing is that this easy, breezy one-bowl loaf cake makes the perfect afternoon snack — and a perfect breakfast the next day, too. Mix makes (1) 8" loaf cake. 


Allergen Warning: Contains Wheat and Milk

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