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Frozen Products

Specializing in Gluten – Free, Conventional
and Organic Production

We have a dedicated Gluten Free Area, design to limit Gluten Allergens for both Frozen Production and Dry Production Processes. We also have conventional and Organic Production areas. Heartland Gourmet has a strict allergen control program in place and performs in-house Gluten Free Testing.

Although we are not an allergen-free facility, we have specific ingredient receiving docks and segregated storage for raw materials.

Capabilities include

  • Portioned Doughs / Bulk Doughs / Individually packaged product / Retail Pack / Food Service Pack/ Chub Dough
  • Micro Analysis
  • Order Fulfillment with Cross Docking

Portioned Pucks - .5 oz to 3 oz depending on equipment and process.

Cookie Dough “chubs” can be made from 1 lb to 3 lb.

Dough – cookie dough, Scone Dough, Muffin Batter, cake Batter from 1lb to 5 lb tubs.

Frozen Doughs

Dry warehouse


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