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Pumpkin Scone Mix SALE!!!

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Fall brings with it changing temperatures, fresh scents, more time on the deck enjoying a cup of tea or coffee... and of course on of our delicious Cobblestone Kitchen Scones.  They are so good, you will be tempted to spend the entire day there relaxing and enjoying the season!


Scone, scone, scone. What’s all the fuss about scones anyway? As for the origin of the word scone, some say it comes from the Dutch word ‘schoonbrot’, which means beautiful bread, while others argue it comes from Stone of Destiny, where the Kings of Scotland were crowned. No matter how you look at them, the scone has become a staple in American life. We wondered, how could we elevate the humble scone to an unbelievable new taste sensation? By adding pumpkin (REAL pumpkin) of course. Oh.My.Goodness!

Allergen Warning: Contains Wheat and Milk

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