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Four Cheese Gluten Free Penne Pasta

Are you a cheese lover? What is your favorite?  Cheddar, Mozzarella, Baby Bell, Gouda, Pepperjack, Swiss, Gruyere, Jarlsburg, or Brie?  I could keep going down the list.  Ever dream about Mac & Cheese, Pizza, or anything for that matter that has that fantastical melted and stringy rich cheese in every bite?  I know there are [...]

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3 Cheese Gluten Free Au-Gratin Potatoes with Bacon & Green Onions

Potatoes, check; Cheese, check; Cream, check; Bacon, check; Green Onions, Check, now put it all together and you have created the most delicious, rich, creamy and heavenly 3 Cheese Gluten Free Au-Gratin Potatoes.  This isn't your mama's au gratin potatoes, and it's definitely not from a box!  This is Gluten Free Mama's version of Au-Gratin [...]

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Sweet Pepper Monterey Quiche

Sweet Pepper Monterey Quiche I love sweet peppers!  I love quiche.  Quiche doesn't have to be just for breakfast.  Make it for dinner and make your family very happy!  It is great served with bacon or sausage or a side of fresh fruit and gluten free toast. Ingredients  Mama's Pie Crust Mix    Or 1 [...]

Mama’s Deep Dish Pasta Bake

  Mama's Deep Dish Pasta Bake a new staple for your kitchen recipe repertoire.  They say an average family rotates about 7-10 recipes every month.  This recipe is sure to be added to that list.  Plus it has Mama's secret weapon...hidden vegetables that will assure that no one will be complaining at  the dinner table [...]

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Gluten Free Sausage Balls — Party Appetizer

  Make the with Italian Sausage or Turkey Sausage, Easy to Make and a Fan Favorite! Well this is my first "New" recipe that I have created since my brain surgery in November. This was a modified recipe, based off a sausage roll my mom made using Bisquick growing up. I made a few changes, [...]

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Mama’s Italian Polenta Cheese Bake

Are you looking for some new dinner ideas?  How about a new take on lasagna, a lasagna style dish with no noodles and no meat?   I put together this incredible tasty Italian Polenta Cheese Bake infused with fresh basil and 4 cheeses, tomatoes and garlic.  It was so delicious and even the kids loved [...]

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