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Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa

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Let’s face it, having a chocolate addiction isn’t necessarily a bad thing…especially when you have Cobblestone Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa on hand. It’s a well-known fact chocolate releases feel-good endorphins in the brain. So, for those days when your boss is a complete ogre and you fantasize about him being eaten under an enchanted bridge, or when you are in the DMV line that closes “OUT TO LUNCH” just before your turn…this cocoa can soothe what ails ya. Add milk or water, sip, and you will sink into your happy place.
Makes 9 cups of soothing.


  • Cobblestone Kitchens specializes in producing some of the finest tasting Gourmet Flavored Hot Cocoa that you will ever enjoy Our secret lies in paying attention to the details in preparing our premium quality cocoa blends

  • We are very careful to select the right balance and combination of ingredients.

  • We add just the right amount of milk powder so that you only need to add hot water to enjoy each of our creamy flavors

  • With wonderful tasting Hot Cocoa on the inside, we then complete the job by producing some of the most charming and unique packaging that you will find in this category

[Net wt 9 oz/255 g]