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  • Fall brings with it changing colors, temperatures, wardrobes and football! Once you have chicken wings, cheese dip & chips, burgers and hot dogs ready for the football game, put on your favorite team sweatshirt and mix up a loaf of Cobblestone Kitchens Pumpkin Loaf, quit storing your Tupperware in the oven, and start baking. Be careful not to put the whole loaf out at once, your family will go through it like a bear in a raspberry patch after hibernation.
  • When temperatures begin to cool, our thoughts turn to cool weather activities. Cobblestone Kitchens Pumpkin Muffins are perfect to pack for school lunches, take along with a thermos of hot cocoa to the game, keep on hand for snacks after raking leaves, an impromptu game of touch football, or going for a brisk walk. They are also a favorite of squirrels, so beware – it’s entirely possible for a squirrel to steal one of these muffins…ask me how I know!
  • Never before in the history of quick breads has there been a tastier or prettier loaf than Cobblestone Kitchens Lemon Blueberry Loaf. I know, that’s quite a claim to make, but seriously, once you’ve tasted the moist deliciousness, tart lemon with just the right amount of sweet blueberry, you’ll agree, and maybe even do a few backflips in the kitchen! This loaf is so good, it cures bad moods, answers the question of “what’s for dessert?” and when your cranky Aunt Alice comes to visit, after just one piece, she’ll put you back in the will.