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  • Very few things in life smell as good as a cinnamon roll while it’s baking. Not much in life tastes better than a freshly baked cinnamon roll. Here, in one simple mix, is the answer to making your life better in at least two different ways. Your nose will thank you. Your mouth will thank you. Share with family and friends, and they will thank you. Take these to work, you may get that raise you’ve been bucking for. We not only give dough mix – but the best part of a cinnamon roll – the cinnamon schmear mix too! Mix makes: 10 large thankfully good cinnamon rolls. Allergen Warning: Contains Wheat
  • No monkeys were harmed in the making of our Sweet Cinnamon Monkey Bread mix. Seriously, what’s up with naming things this good after a goofy looking simian anyway? I suppose you wouldn’t want to eat a bread named after a slug, so maybe there really was some marketing genius there after all. This is the perfect gooey, chewy treat for birthdays…cake is highly overrated. Mix Makes: One 10” bundt pan full of gooey goodness! Allergen Warning: Contains Wheat
  • We aren’t really sure why it’s called Monkey Bread, but we do know that this is absolutely the perfect bread to serve for tailgating, Super Bowl parties, chili feeds, and just about any other party opportunity you can think of. No monkeys were harmed in the making of our Cheese and Garlic Monkey Bread mix, so it’s perfect to fix for World Animal Day, which is celebrated every October 4th. Mix Makes: One 10” bundt pan full of cheesey goodness Allergen Warning: Contains Wheat