Gluten Free-Back to School Tips

One of my least favorite days of the year is the first day of school. Saying goodbye is hard enough. When your child has a food allergy/intolerance or medical condition it can add another level of worry and preparation for heading back to school. Here are some ideas, steps and tips that I’ve picked up [...]

Gluten Free Apple Cinnamon Muffins

After a long drive through the mountains of Montana this weekend, I found myself staring at the beautiful landscape beginning to change to colors of rich yellow, deep orange, and rust brown.  It was so beautiful and that was just the beginning!  No matter what part of the country you find yourself in right now, [...]

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Gluten Free Mama Public Announcement

July 6, 2015   Dear Gluten Free Mama Customers,   We are excited to announce that we have sold Gluten Free Mama to Heartland Gourmet in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Due to my health and the increased demand for Gluten Free Mama’s products we felt this was the best step to take to maintain and build our [...]

Gluten Free Mama & Food For Life Gift Bag Giveaway!

Do you ever go to the store and see a gluten free product that you would like to try, but you don't because you are not sure what it tastes like and if it will be worth the $6.00 you paid?  Or maybe you bought that bag of gluten free cookies, because the picture looked [...]

Liquid measuring cups, what you must know!

What you need to know about traditional Pyrex style liquid measuring cups vs the Easy Read Measuring cups. The subtle differences can make or break a gluten free baking recipe and you need to know why! Hello friends!  Hope you are having a great week!  Today's post in my mind is very important for all [...]

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Gluten Free Mama’s Almond & Coconut Blend Flours

With so many new followers we have had lots of questions on the difference between straight almond and coconut flour and Gluten Free Mama's Almond Blend and Coconut Flour and Gluten Free Mama's Coconut Blend.  So with all the new followers let me explain. Gluten Free Mama's Almond and Coconut Blends are All-Purpose Gluten Free [...]

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Celiac in Orlando shares her top 5 gluten free friendly restaurants in Orlando area.

We are pleased to introduce to you Jennifer Christ with Celiac in Orlando.  Jennifer shares with Gluten Free Mama her top 5 Gluten Free Friendly Restaurants in Orlando, FL. What is the first thing you do when preparing a business trip or vacation to a new city or town? For our family, at the top [...]

My Gluten Free Story: Johnny Walker shares his GF story.

We are starting a new thing at Gluten Free Mama, called MY GLUTEN FREE STORY. We started our Baking Palooza's, to inspire you to get in your kitchen and cook and bake gluten free, and asked you to send us your pictures of creations you bake using our products whether from our recipes or a [...]

Sun-Dried Tomato Basil Bread and Grilled Chicken and Pesto Sandwich ~ Gluten free, dairy free, egg free

Mama's Sun-Dried Tomato Basil Bread ~ Gluten/Dairy/Egg Free   & Mama's Grilled Chicken and Pesto Sandwich     It’s Dairy Free and Egg Free week at Gluten Free Mama, so we decided it would be fitting to create a Dairy/Egg/Gluten Free recipe for you.  In fact, you get two in one today!  Summer is on [...]

Winter Wonderland Cupcake (Gluten Free Eggnog Cupcake with Eggnog Frosting!)

Winter Wonderland... (Mama's Eggnog Cupcake with Eggnog Frosting) Ingredients 2 cups Mama's Almond or Coconut Blend Flour 2 tsp. baking powder 1/2 tsp. salt 3/4 tsp. xanthan gum 1/2 tsp. nutmeg 3/4 cup butter or dairy free margarine 1 cup sugar 2 tsp. vanilla 1 tsp. rum extract or 1 Tbsp. Rum 2 eggs 1 1/4 [...]

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