Microplane Zester a must have kitchen gadget!

 "MICROPLANE ZESTER" (No more shaved knuckles!) One of Mama's Favorite Kitchen Gadgets! Ever have a recipe that calls for lemon or orange zest.  You pull out your cheese grater and turn it to the smallest possible grate and start grating the zest getting all the white parts, oh and maybe a knuckle or two?  Then you [...]

GF Tart Cherry & Pistachio Shortbread Cookies, By Dr. Peggy Parker

Gluten Free Mama introduces... OMG!  That's Allergy Free? By Dr. Peggy Parker Gluten Free Mama has teamed up it with fellow gluten free friend and cookbook author to introduce to you her new allergy free cookbook as well as offer you a great holiday sale.  Dr. Peggy Parker, a traditionally trained Naturopathic Physician has written [...]

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This Chick Bakes Uses Mama’s Flours!

This Chick Bakes, an online bakery in New York City has been using Gluten Free Mama's flours for some time now.  They have enjoyed the success baking with our flours and the flavor and texture they bring to their gluten free baked goods.  We are always delighted and humbled when any bakery or restaurant requests [...]

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