Gluten Free Orange Breakfast Muffin w/ Natural Alternative Sweeteners

This time of year you can always count on finding a beautiful a bowl of bright orange clementines in my kitchen. Clementines are one of the few fruits I will eat. I hated fruit as a kid and loved vegetables. However, I do eat fruit as an adult because I know its good for me [...]

Agave Zucchini Bread-Gluten Free-Dairy Free

  Mama's Health Agave Sweetened Zucchini bread is a great choice for a quick bread using an alternative to regular sugar or organic sugar. We get lots of requests for sugar free recipes and or recipes using alternative sugars. I added Flax Seeds and Chia Seeds for extra nutrition, however, the Chia seeds are optional [...]

Amazing Apple Crumb Coffee Cake ~ Gluten Free

Amazing Apple Crumb Coffee Cake - Gluten Free Fall is a wonderful season to enjoy coffee cake.  With apples in harvest, I created this delicious recipe for Gluten Free Apple Crumb Coffee Cake. However, anytime of year you can enjoy this delicious cake! My favorite part of this coffee cake is that you get to [...]

Sweet Cream Biscuits and Strawberry and Peach Shortcake

Nothing says summer more than Strawberry Shortcake! Enjoy these tasty Sweet Cream Biscuits for your next summer dessert. They are sure to impress your guests and your family. Change it up a bit and make Peaches and Cream. Just use fresh peaches in place of the strawberries. These light and flavorful biscuits are also perfect [...]

Gluten Free Popovers

Gluten Free Popovers All week popovers have been calling my name. Every where I look, there is another picture of them, or something on food network reminding me of them. I even dreamed about popovers! Then I was contacted by a customer this week requesting a recipe for gluten free popovers. So therefore, I could [...]

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Espresso Pumpkin Bread

The aroma of fresh baked bread in the oven with the scents of pumpkin and cinnamon filled the air today as I spent the day baking. My house smells so good this time of year, makes me feel like inviting friends over. A week ago I was invited to a good friend’s house for a [...]

Once Upon a Huckleberry

Montana is known for being God’s Country, and if you have ever had the opportunity to hike in the beautiful mountains of Montana you understand why. I have been awaiting the opportunity to take a good hike in the mountains this summer. I have taken a few short hikes close to town which have been [...]

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Mama’s Scone Mix with Ginger Peach Scones

Mama's Ginger Peach Scones ~ Gluten FreeMama’s Scone MixScones are a perfect treat any time of the day and any time of year. They are delightful served with breakfast or with a cup of tea as an afternoon treat. I love to curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and warm scone [...]

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Chocolate Cherry Muffins

Wondering what to do with that bowl full of cherries? It is cherry season everywhere as well as here in the beautiful Mission Valley. Everywhere along the highways and roadsides are signs saying "Flathead Cherries For Sale". Wondering what to do with our big bowl full of cherries, I decided to make some Chocolate Cherry [...]

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Gluten Free Ginger Carrot Scones

Ginger Carrot Scones ~ G-free and Egg FreePerfect for a spring afternoon dessert served with a glass of herbal tea.  Or serve for breakfast on Easter Morning.  Whenever you decide to serve this scone it will be delightful.  Scones are super easy to make and make your house smell wonderful.  The great thing about scones [...]

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