We are starting a new thing at Gluten Free Mama, called MY GLUTEN FREE STORY. We started our Baking Palooza’s, to inspire you to get in your kitchen and cook and bake gluten free, and asked you to send us your pictures of creations you bake using our products whether from our recipes or a recipe you create. We want to get to know you too! Everyone has a story! From time to time we get letters with some of your stories on your gluten free journeys. I hope you are inspired, encouraged, or relate to the stories we share. We would like to share a couple stories a month from our followers. If you have a story about your gluten free journey you would like to share, email us at GFMrecipes@gmail.com Include a picture of yourself too! This week Johnny Walker reached out to us to share his story. I hope that it will encourage you!

Remember if you think you may have Celiac Disease or Gluten Intolerance, get tested first before going gluten free. The tests will not be accurate if you go gluten free first. Also, if you are negative and you still find that you have digestive issues, you may still be gluten intolerant. Try the gluten free diet for 2 weeks. If you feel better then you may need to eat gluten free. Like I always say, it’s a good idea to consult a doctor before changing your diet. You can get more information about the symptoms of Celiac Disease and what to ask your doctor at www.csaceliacs.org

Johnny Walkers Gluten Free Story


I was born in October 1961. From the very beginning my parents knew that there was something amiss as far as my digestive system was concerned. I recall my Dad saying that he didn’t change my diapers he hosed me off. Remember there were no Huggies back then. After years of allergy tests and what not a Dr. Barbera Kurshner suggested they test for something new called Celiacs Disease or Celiac Spru. My parents agreed and months later I was officially a Celiac patient. Now in the 60’s the tests were – different. I was in patient for 2 weeks just to get the sample of my lower intestine that they needed. It was horrible. Things changed rapidly as far as my health was concerned BUT it was horrible as a kid not to have cookies, pasta, a birthday cake etc. There were NO GF products at the time so my Mom made due with rice.

I ate GF for years and then one day my Mom caught me with my hand in the cookie jar – literally. She questioned what I was doing and I lied and said they were for my brother. She knew better as I was a bad liar. She asked how often I was eating the “bad foods” I said all the time so we all agreed that I had grown out of the disease. Keep in mind that my Mom was raising 5 kids and cooking special for 1 was a pain in the rear end. So I was free…..YEAH. I went for years with what I thought was normal. I later learned that my digestion was far from normal but hey – who asks those kind of questions right, Anyway I wanted badly to serve my country so I lied to the US Navy and enlisted in 1980. Obviously the Navy would NEVER have taken me with Celiac disease. (Oh wait stop the fighting we have to cook a special meal for Petty Officer Walker – uhhhhh NO)

I entered civilian life in 1984 with no memory or concern of being GF. BAD a few years later I got sick more and more often. Diarrhea was normal. I just went on not thinking too much about it. About 8 years ago I was getting nauseous after every meal. I started to vomit often and got REALLY full after eating normal portions. Sometimes I forced vomiting because I could no longer breath I was so bloated. That went on for a month and then my wife caught on (remember I’m a guy so therefore stupid) and forced me to the doctor’s office where after some conversation put me on a GF diet FOR LIFE.

Well I am now GF and I feel MUCH better. The best part is that after this long journey the world is becoming aware of the whole GF thing. WOW there is GF stuff everywhere. I bought GF pretzels at Wallmart last week.

Anyway I am happily living a GF life and intend on staying that way. I do cheat on occasion but I know the concequences. Afterwards – it’s never worth it.

Johnny Walker

More about Johnny
Johnny’s favorite restaurant to get gluten free meals is GF Creations here in Scottsdale, AZ

Johnny’s three tips for living gluten free? Adhere to it, research, accept it.
Johnny’s favorite gluten free product is? Pamelas oatmeal cookies.
Johnny’s favorite place to shop for gluten free items is? Whole Foods or internet
The hardest part of being gluten free for Johnny is… No Beer (maybe we should suggest good tasting gluten free beers for him?

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